Mailbox Ideas...

Not Just a Mailbox Anymore!!!

Decorative mailboxes don't have to be just for mail. These make wonderful containers! Here's some ideas:

Wedding: Fill a mailbox with shower gifts,then use at the wedding ceremony for a container to hold the bride and groom's gift cards. After the ceremony, the new couple have a personalized mailbox.

Showers/Parties: Weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays-fill up a mailbox with special gifts for the party person.

Housewarming: Give a mailbox for the new home owner.

Children's Room: Have a special mailbox hand painted for your child where they can keep their "treausures" or use for storage.

Gardening: Attach a mailbox to a fence railing and fill with all your gardening tools and accessories.

Boating: Attach to your marina slip and fill with your boating accessories.

Offices: Create a unique in-box for your mail.

Business Logo: Advertise your business with a custom made logo mailbox.

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